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Customer Service:

Marinomadi.com is the only website authorised to sell official "Marino Madi " products.

All the products offered therein are therefore original and purchased directly from the Marino Madi SARL, France .

For any questions and enquiry you can contact as by e-mail : info@marinomadi.fr or by phone +33 (0)493082687 Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 18:30.

Intellectual property :

All the elements and details of this web site have been designed with the purpose of offering for sale the products identified with the trademarks Marino Madi.

All material on the web www.marinomadi.fr (drawings, designs, illustrations, photographs, sound tracks, written text, logos, trademarks...) are the exclusive property of Marino Madi SARL .

You may not reproduce, by any means or process, totally or in part, distribute, publish, transmit, create derivative works based on, modify or sell any such material contained on the www.marinomadi.fr

The pictures hosted on the Marino Madi Fr website are the property of Marino Madi Fr.

Any use of such pictures not authorised by Marino Madi Fr through written consent will be prosecuted by law.

Marino Madi Fr and all its content is the property of Marino Madi Fr .

This includes documentation, pictures, characters, design, music, software, codes and format scripts. The material on this website is protected by copyright.

For this reason, any reproduction, modification, transmission, publication or redistribution to third parties for commercial purposes is forbidden unless explicitly authorised by Marino Madi Fr in writing

Guaranteed purchase:

The articles presented on this website are a selection of products from Marino Madi collections and meet the same quality requirements and guarantee that the products sold at Marino Madi retails stores.

The following information is given for each item are:

  • Product name
  • Image / s of the item
  • Description
  • * Sizes and colours available
  • Composition and carecaisse-epargne
  • Price in € (euros)

*Purchasing Procedures:

Select items to buy (size, colour, quantity) and add them to your shopping cart by clicking once on "add to my cart".

The shopping cart will contain the reference selected, its name, size, colour choice and price in € (euros) (including taxes) article.

By clicking on "my cart" you can view and / or change your selection.

ATTENTION: The price shown does not include transport cost since rates may vary depending on the destination country. The price is specified in € (euros).

On the order page, you will be asked to fill in the spaces provided your contact information (name, phone number, email address, billing and delivery) to give a positive result in your order and facilitate the achievement for others shopping at www.marinomadi.fr. Similarly, you can access your saved details and information on all your orders. It is important to fill in your details with the greatest possible accuracy in order to avoid any errors or incidence in the shipment of the items acquired. In addition, if you have selected the option, you can receive escales newsletter by email.

After completing the purchase order and prior to sending the order, a summary of the identification of the product purchased will be displayed, with the total price (shipping and taxes included) and coordinates sending. You should check the accuracy of your selection before confirming your order. At the end of the ordering process and confirmation, you are prompted to click on the "Confirm Purchase" button. By clicking on the "Confirm Purchase" button, you are asked to accept all of these Terms and Conditions.

The purchases will be paid by credit card or debit card (Visa®, Visa Electron®, MasterCard®) or PayPal ® (+ transaction fees charged by the entity Paypal) or directly bank transfer . No other payment will be accepted.

For payments by credit card or debit card, the amount will be debited online, in real time, through the payment gateway of the relevant financial entity after verifying the accuracy of reported data.

After confirmation of the transaction, the number of your order will be communicated through the website itself so that you can track at any time from your computer.

A message will also be sent by e-mail, indicating a description of the order and contact details we were given. If you do not receive this message it can be due to any transient communication problem in the network or any error entering your email address. In both cases, we recommend that you contact Customer Service.